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Banknote Automation Systems

High speed detection, sorting, and strapping of banknotes.
Advanced technologies realize secure processing, higher operability and efficiency.

Banknote Processing Machine

High-end banknote processing machine for central banks and cash centers.

High Speed Banknote Processing Machine (FS-2000)


The FS-2000 is an advanced solution for central banks and cash handling institutes. Flexible for various custom requirements.

Processing Capability Up to 120,000 notes / hour
Standard Configuration Feeder Module
Detector Module
4 stackers with each strapping unit
2 reject stackers
Audit stacker
Optional Online shredder
Online packaging system
Additional detector module,
stackers and strapping units

FS-2000 Brochure

Banknote Processing Machine (FS-810)


Specially designed for central banks. Its ergonomic design and smaller footprint realize a single-operator processing.

Processing Capability Up to 45,000 notes / hour
Standard Configuration 4 stackers + 4 strapping units
Reject stacker
Online shredder
Audit stacker
Optional Online packaging system

FS-810 Brochure

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