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Privacy Policy

Toshiba Automation Systems Service Co., Ltd. (“TASS"), as befits an enterprise involved in the service business for automated information systems, recognizes the importance of personal data and considers that protection of personal data is one of the fundamentals of its business and an aspect of its social responsibility. As a company seeking to earn trust, TASS stipulates the following Privacy Policy and strives to ensure its implementation.

Basic Policy

  1. TASS shall appoint a person responsible for management of personal data and acquire, use and provide personal data in an appropriate manner. TASS shall take appropriate action to prevent any personal data from being used beyond the scope necessary for fulfilling the intended use specified for each item of personal data.
  2. TASS shall comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal data, guidelines and other rules stipulated by government.
  3. TASS shall take reasonable security control measures to prevent any risk pertaining to personal data, such as divulgation, loss or damage thereof, or remedy the situation.
  4. TASS shall appropriately and swiftly respond to complaints and requests for consultation from any person with respect to TASS's handling of personal data and its personal data protection management system.
  5. TASS shall comply with the personal data protection management system, which is designed to protect personal data, and continuously review and improve the system to maintain appropriate management.

Established on July 1, 2005
Revised on November 1, 2008
Kazuya Saimei, President and Representative Director
Toshiba Automation Systems Service Co., Ltd.


TASS established a personal data protection management system in compliance with JIS Q 15001: 2006 “Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements” and was granted the right to use PrivacyMark by JIPDEC. PrivacyMark is granted to companies that appropriately handle personal data.

*Click the image to visit the website of JIPDEC.


Before contacting us, please read the Important Considerations before Making an Inquiry.

Handling of Personal Data

TASS responds in good faith to inquiries from customers regarding their personal data and requests for disclosure, correction, cessation of use, deletion, etc. of personal data.

1. Intended Use of Personal Data

  1. Personal data about customers
    • To provide services related to installation, maintenance, repair and operation management of systems handled by TASS in an appropriate manner
    • To provide information regarding product support and services and to provide such support and services
    • To execute contracts
    • To contact customers regarding transactions or hold meetings for potential business or particular projects
    • To provide information on exhibitions, seminars, etc. to be held by TASS
    • To conduct questionnaire surveys
    • To respond to inquiries and requests from customers
    • To use for any purpose that has been clearly indicated to customers in advance and for which their prior consent is obtained
    • To use for any purpose beyond the scope of the intended use indicated to the customers when they have provided their personal data, only if such additional purpose is notified to the customers in advance and for which their consent is obtained
  2. Personal data concerning individuals who are government employees, public officials, etc.
    • For communication, reports, inquiries, etc. to the competent authorities necessary for business
  3. Personal data concerning directors, employees, etc. of business partners and other companies
    • For communication necessary for business, meetings, etc.
    • For management of customer information (management of on-site work), payment and revenue management
  4. Personal data concerning job applicants
    • To provide employment information etc. to job applicants and to contact them
    • Management of recruitment at TASS
  5. Personal data provided by business partners
    • Execution of contracts concerning outsourcing

*5 above is not subject to disclosure etc., in principle.

2. Primary Business Areas in which TASS Uses Personal Data

TASS uses personal data for maintenance of and related services for the following systems.

  • Banknote processing systems
  • Railway station service systems (automatic ticket gates, commuter pass issuing machines, etc.)
  • Toll collection systems
  • Security systems
  • ID issuing systems
  • Postal service systems

3. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Data

TASS does not disclose or provide customers' personal data to third parties except in the following cases:

  1. When the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure
  2. When complying with laws and regulations
  3. When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property and it is impracticable to obtain the consent of the customer
  4. When TASS consigns the handling of personal data to an external contractor under a service contract. In this case, TASS will select a contractor that satisfies the requirements prescribed by TASS and TASS will conclude an agreement with the contractor with respect to the handling of personal data and will properly supervise the contractor to ensure it safely controls personal data.
  5. When another entity succeeds to the business of TASS due to a merger, company split, transfer of business or otherwise
    • If you wish to make an inquiry concerning your personal data, please contact the department with which you registered your personal data.
    • If you wish to make an inquiry about personal data protection or if you are unsure with which department you have registered your personal data, please contact the Contacts for Inquiries.

Procedures for Requests for Disclosure

TASS complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer's personal data held by TASS: (1) Request for disclosure; (2) Request for notification of the intended purpose; (3) Request for correction; (4) Request for addition; (5) Request for deletion; (6) Request for erasure; (7) Request for cessation of use or cessation of provision to third parties; and Request for disclosure of records of provision to/from third parties. Please refer to [Procedures concerning Requests for Disclosure etc. in Writing] for details of request forms (documents) etc. Please note that TASS charges a fee for requests for disclosure of retained personal data, requests for notification of the intended use, and requests for disclosure of records of provision to/from third parties.

Measures Implemented for Secure Control of Retained Personal Data

TASS has established rules for the handling of personal data and specified personal data, as well as rules for security measures, and has implemented the following:

  1. Institutional security control measures
    • TASS has established the Privacy Policy on the handling of personal data, has notified it throughout TASS, and has posted it on its website to make it available to the general public.
    • TASS has established procedures for handling personal data, including handling methods, responsible persons and persons in charge, and their duties at each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion and disposal, etc., and has compiled them as documented rules and notified them throughout TASS.
    • In addition to periodic self-inspections of the status of the handling of personal data, internal audits are periodically conducted by other departments and external parties from an objective standpoint.
  2. Human security control measures
    • Employees receive periodic training on points to keep in mind regarding the handling of personal data.
    • TASS has obtained confidentiality pledges from its employees.
  3. Physical and technological security control measures
    • The area where personal data is handled is limited in order to prevent access to personal data by employees other than the persons in charge of handling personal data or by other unauthorized persons.
    • Personal data are stored in locked cabinets and on servers with restricted access.
    • Countermeasures for computer viruses and other malware are implemented.

Handling of Cookies

  1. "Cookies" are small packets of information that Web servers transmit to visitors' or users' browsers for the effective operation of the Internet. TASS may use cookies to provide services to its customers and to obtain statistical information but will not include customers' personal data in the cookie information.
    You may set your browser to refuse cookies. However, certain limitations will be imposed, including the unavailability of personalized functions.
  2. About web beacons:
    A web beacon (clear gif) is a technology that uses gif files and script to track access from your computer and collect statistics about the usage of particular web pages. The use of web beacons in conjunction with the cookies described above makes it possible to obtain detailed statistical information. Even if you have set your browser to refuse cookies, web beacons will still track your access.
    TASS's website may use web beacons and other technologies to obtain statistical information to improve the website, but TASS does not collect your personal data through web beacons.

Other Matters

  1. When answering phone calls at the Call Center, calls may be recorded to accurately grasp the content of inquiries and requests.
  2. TASS may acquire personal information of directors, employees, etc. of its business partners and other companies through the purchase of directories etc. for the purpose of various communications necessary for business.
  3. TASS is not responsible for the security of your personal data on the websites of other companies that are linked to TASS's website.