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Environmental policies

We at Toshiba Automation Systems Service Co., Ltd., realizes safety and security of living through technology and partnership, and contributes to the future of humanity and the earth by providing our products and maintenance services. In addition, we consider that our business itself is an environmental activity, and contribute to the achievement of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation's group vision and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Cyber Physical System (CPS) technology that creates new services to support these values.

Furthermore, we will promote following environmental activities based on the environmental visions of Toshiba Group by recognizing that it is our fundamental responsibility to hand over the precious global environment to the next generation in a sound condition.

  1. Focusing on environmental issues as one of its top management priorities, we strive to continuously enhance the environmental management system for the improvement of our environmental performance.
  2. We strive to prevent environmental pollution by observing the laws, regulations and agreements which should be applied in connection with the environmental aspects of our organization, other requirements this Company has agreed on, and the criteria we independently and voluntarily established.
  3. We provide new values in maintenance services by utilizing technologies such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  4. In our business activities, we engage in the following environmental activities striving to reduce environmental footprints.
    • Reduce CO2 emissions by controlling power consumption.
    • Promote Green procurement by conducting environmental assessment of and guidance to our business partners.
    • Offer maintenance services considering reduction of chemical substances contained in products.
  5. Seeking deeper mutual understanding between us, regions and society, and improvement of local environment including biodiversity conservation and environmental protection, we strive to actively participate in and cooperate with local environmental activities.
  6. In order to meet these environmental policies, we make appropriate efforts by ensuring that all personnel working in and for our organization are fully aware of them, and setting environmental goals.